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Dead White – Xtreme Lenses


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1 pair for one day use

Create a new dramatic look with our Intense Dead White Coloured Contacts Lenses. These colour contact lenses will give even the darkest eyes an exciting new bright colour. These cosmetic coloured contact lenses are used in the fashion industry for their undisputed quality and comfort.The Intense Azure Blue Coloured Contacts are part of a extensive Intense coloured lenses range. The Intense colour lenses are comfortable, light and soft to wear and your eyes will feel hydrated, fresh and comfortable all while you are wearing them.

Quality and Comfort

All MesmerEyez contact lenses are made from a specially patented Skin Soft material to make the most comfortable contact lenses on the worlds market.

How To Wear Contact Lenses:

Coloured contacts are easy to wear and can be good fun if worn and cared for properly. To avoid eye irritation it is important that care is taken over how your coloured contact lenses are worn and looked after. Coloured contact lenses are safe to wear, however to get the most pleasure and enjoyment from them for their full life span you should take care to make sure they are worn correctly and cared for properly. Almost all problems encountered with coloured contacts are due to improper care and/or use of them, but with a bit of guidance and ensuring you read the instructions supplied with each pair you should get many hours of fun and pleasure from your coloured contacts.

Coloured Lens Hygiene Rules:

Below are some basic rules to remember when it comes to wearing and storing your coloured contacts. If you stick to these you shouldn’t go far wrong.

Never let anyone else wear you coloured contacts. Sharing is normally good, but not in this case!

Never swim, shower, bathe in your coloured contact lenses.

Never sleep in your coloured contact lenses.

Never wear dry, dirty or damaged coloured contacts.

Never wear lenses for longer than their maximum wear time. (8 hours)

Always handle your coloured lenses with clean dry hands.

Always read the manufacturers instructions about how to use and care for your coloured contacts.

Always be gentle with your coloured lenses when handling, they can easily be damaged if handled without care.

Always remove your coloured contact lenses if they irritate or cause redness.

Always check with a doctor if irritation or redness continues after removing your coloured contacts.

Always make sure you do not wear lenses after their lifespan has expired. Once they have expired throw them away.

SHIPPING: Because of small parckage size all contacts will be shipped with Australia Regular Post shipping 3-7 days.  –  excludes weekend shipping. We will ship the same day if payment is cleared by 4pm.



Get the freaky look with these White Coloured Contacts. These crazy looking coloured contacts are guaranteed to get you noticed. Where them with a costume to really finish of the look or wear them on their own for a real conversation starter. Completely covering your natural eye these coloured contact lenses make you look like you’ve just walked of a horror film set. Your friends will truly be amazed when you show up wearing these coloured contacts. For use with Halloween costumes, fancy dress, and extreme fashion or for just having some fun these coloured contacts will certainly make you look unique. These coloured contacts can be worn for 8 hours and will keeps your eyes feeling fresh, hydrated and comfortable.

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