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Funny Costumes


Laugh it up with a Funny Costume! We carry the largest selection of wacky, silly, and creative costumes– , adults, and even pets! Our funny hats, wigs, and costumes are sure to provide a healthy dose of smiles and giggles. ! Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?  Becs Costume  Box funny costumes will do just that and more! We have over a 100 funny costumes to choose from  men and women. Browse our selection, and see for yourself (but we warn you, be prepared to laugh out loud). How about a funny purple gorilla costume? Do like to eat tacos? Try wearing one! And speaking of food, we’ve got even more funny food costumes. How about a walking slice of pizza, a giant hot dog, or a yummy cupcake? Maybe you’d rather be a funny animal? How about a cow, complete with its udder?  We have funny character costumes, too, like Spongebob Squarepants, Annoying Orange, and many more. But why should humans have all the fun? We have funny dog costumes as well. How about a banana costume  or a Hairy Fairy .  But we don’t just carry funny costumes.  Becs Costume Box has over a hundred funny hats and other accessories for sale. Come on, join in the fun! Check out our funny costumes and accessories, and help make the world a funnier place

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