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Eye Contacts

MesmerEyez Cosmetic have grown to become the No.1 brand in eye colour change. A British brand leading the world in cosmetic coloured contact lenses, MesmerEyez are changing millions of eyes around the globe comfortably and easily without affecting vision. 
Mesmereyez mission is to be the company that best understands eye colour change. To lead and innovate and bring their customers the most comprihensive choice with the best quality and comfort. MesmerEyez and XtremeEyez coloured contact lenses has taken the cosmetics industry by storm featuring in Vogue, Grazia, London Fashion Week. Many profesional International make-up artists regularly use MesmerEyez to change eye colour, including Aymai Nishimura who works with Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Nike. Thanks to the celebrity and media endorsement, together with undisputed quality and comfort MesmerEyez eye wear has a global cultlike following.

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